Weekend Hike: Walkathon

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok, it wasn't a hike per se, just lots and lots of walking as part of entertaining the out of town guest.

The first place we walked was the Buffalo Zoo. I've had not been there before and was pleasantly surprised. While the zoo IS small, it's clean and the layout is good. Also, I went on a Saturday afternoon and it was not crowded at all. I hate crowds. The food court is a little iffy, cheap food marked up double what it should, but most tourist places are like that. The one thing I really enjoyed there, and the biggest surprise was this:

An anteater! I've been to many zoos big and small, but this was the first time I had ever seen an anteater. They're a lot bigger than I thought, and pretty weird looking to boot. Overall, the zoo was a good experience and would go again, though not for exercise purposes.

The second place we visited was Goat Island. I've mentioned this place before, so I won't go too into detail. The last time I was here, the line for the Cave of the Winds tour was almost non-existent, so I was slightly amazed to see a line easily 100 deep. It may have been due to the multiple tour groups I noticed walking about. The other attraction of interest, albeit slightly nerdy, was the stone archway. I had noticed it the first time (really how can you not?) but was never close to it. On this occasion, as we passed under the arch on the way to the car, I saw this plaque:

Pretty cool, eh? You can find it near the statue of Nicola Tesla.

Now that the guest is gone and the weekend is over, I can set about getting back on track.