Weekend Hike: Nature View Park

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today's destination was chose solely by chance. Meaning, the map showed a large expanse of green under city jurisdiction. Sounds good, right? You're already laughing at me, aren't you?

Nature View Park is a park in the loosest and most general sense possible. The parking lot consists of a small gravel area designated by a sign you would only see if you happened to be looking for it. An even smaller grass area bordered the lot with what appeared to be some sort of trail off to the edge leading into the dense brush.

Let me digress a moment. Prior to leaving, a search for information on the park and it's amenities yielded no information. To clarify, I'm not saying I didn't find good information. Rather, I found no information AT ALL aside from a shoddy map on the town's website. I should have taken this as a warning an gone somewhere else.

For whatever reason, this park does not appear to be maintained aside from someone driving an ATV through the path every few months. The majority of the trail was just flattened grasses and plants that would have come to my knee had they been upright. The brush was dense on either side with more than just a few leaning into the path. This included the ever fun thorny variety.
After a while, there was a bit of a clearing before the path led into some woods. Unfortunately this is where we lost the where the trail went. Can't imagine why, as the VERY sparse trail markers (essentially construction survey ribbon) should have been more than enough.

Should you want to check this place out for yourself: YOU WERE WARNED. Also, wear long pants and bring a case of bug repellent. You can see some pictures with additional commentary of the disaster adventure here.