Weekend Hike: Akron Falls Park

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Akron Falls Park is located in the small town of Akron, NY, about 20 miles northeast of Buffalo. The park itself is surrounds the falls and continues downstream until it bumps against residential development. The trail head descends into the gorge and follows along the stream for roughly a mile. The trail its varied, ranging from stone steps to deteriorated asphalt, gravel, dirt, or jutting rock.

The trail was nice enough. It wasn't too difficult or strenuous and the scenery was lovely. The only faults I found with the trail is that it ran linear, and we had to double back twice since out entrance was near the center, and it was too short. Even with short pauses to admire the surroundings, we finished in 45 minutes. If I lived closer to the park, I would probably go there again.

You can see more pictures here.