Stories from a fat girl.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The earliest memory I have of being consciously aware that I was larger than other people came when I was in the sixth grade. I was starting at a new school, having left my previous one because I was miserable from being teased and made to feel I didn't belong there. I suppose amidst the teasing my weight would have come up, but I honestly don't recall any specific comments of feelings.

So there I was, the new kid in a new school. In my own shy and socially awkward way I set about being social and making friends. One day, not too far into the school year, I was making conversation with a small group of girls, I don't remember how many there were exactly. They were asking me what school I came from and where I lived. Then one girl then commented that I reminded her of Jane*, a girl in the fifth grade. The other girls laughed a bit and agreed. Being new and not knowing Jane, I did my best to play along and I think I took the comment positively, or graciously at least. Not too long after that I saw Jane; She was my size, extra large. And the work and progress I thought I had made in making friends and fitting in came crashing down. I did my best to be nice and social, and they could only point out that I was bigger than them. Fucking bitches.