The problem with pants.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

As previously mentioned, I avoid shopping for clothes as much as possible. Being of the...larger variety (ok, I'm a fatty), greatly limits the number of stores that even carry items that I can comfortably fit into. Eliminating the stores that only carry cheap, cheaply constructed items only further diminishes the shopping pool. Add personal tastes into the mix, and shopping most often feels like a scavenger hunt punctuated with crowds of people and screaming kids. Lane Bryant has been my store of choice for some time now, but they don't carry everything I need.

Last weekend I discovered my outdoor pants (pictured here) had developed a large and unrepairable hole in the crotch. The outdoor pants are now the trashed pants and I'm on the hunt for new pants. Let the hunt begin.

I already know that the major outdoor chain stores Dick's and Gander Mtn. don't carry sizes higher than 18. Scouring the Internet have yielded me two attractive and affordable options.

Option #1: REI Sahale Pants. I really like the look of these. The customer reviews are all positive as well. The downside is that by the looks of the sizing chart, the pants seems to run a little small. Bad for big girls.

Option#2: Vintage Paratrooper Pants,

As you can see, these are less styled, but are more ruggedly constructed. The longer something lasts, and keeps me from having to shop, the better. The sizing chart seems better suited towards larger proportions as well.

It shouldn't be a surprise pant #2 wins today's round, and I've ordered them. I'll let you know how they work out.