News From the Miscellania

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've stopped using the elevator at work, and only use the stairs now. I mostly go up or down by one floor a few times a day, which is closer to two floors due to building design. Not much, but every little bit helps. I get slightly out of breath when I reach the top, but I've decided that it's still better than waiting for THE SLOWEST FREAKING ELEVATOR ON THE PLANET.

Most days I walk to the employee parking lot, located about three blocks from the building, rather than take the shuttle. However, due to a parking shortage, employee parking is being moved to a location a little over a mile away, forcing me to take the shuttle. The positive is that the monthly fee will be cheaper. I'm still bummed.

Dinner was some kind of spicy sushi. I couldn't tell if it was crab or shrimp.

I'm working on something pretty exciting for 1550, details aren't too far away.