Milestones: 20 pounds lost

Monday, August 11, 2008

I weigh 20 pounds less than I did 10 weeks ago. It seems like a long time to drop such a small amount, but it's only two and a half months. In a few weeks, it will be time to post another picture. For the most part, I've adjusted well to my new eating habits and smaller portions. While my former self would have made a meal out of tortilla chips, and quickly consume a bag in the process, I look with pride at the opened bag on my counter. It's been in a semi-eaten state for a few weeks now. It may even be stale. Sweets still tempt me on occasion, especially when I'm having a stressful day and they're at the ready, but the urges I feel to eat them have dwindled to just a twinge. I need to work on replacing the idea that a bad food is reasonable reward for positive actions, ie "I've been good today, so I can have a cookie." I really don't do this all that often, but the mindset is there, ready to make me stumble in a moment of weakness. Rediscovering my love of vegetables has been fun, and I continue to try and expand my tastes to keep from getting burned out.

My pants are definitely looser now. The scrub tops I wear to work, while loose fitting to begin with, are even more so now. I can grabs the sides and easily cinch them in a few inches before the fabric fits snugly against me. My first reaction is to say I shouldn't buy clothes since I am losing weight, but sense and realism prevail, knowing that I'll look quite silly to be wearing the same size clothes 40, 50, 80 pounds from now. The rate is slow enough that a pair of tight fitting pants will last for months before they become uncomfortably large. Shopping is a necessary annoyance.

I still don't get enough exercise. It seems silly to say I forget to do my strength training during the week, but some nights I'm so busy with various tasks, time just gets away from me, and before I know it bedtime has come. I don't beat myself up for it though, nor when I have a bad day and eat something I shouldn't have. I just think about what led me astray and resolve to avoid it next time. Now I have some working out to do.