Healthy Eating: Panera

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

While the heathiest food is made and eaten at home, doing so is not always possible. This guide aims to provide direction in a clear and simple format. Items chosen are the best the menu has to offer with caloric content of 400 or less and/or fat content of 15g or less.

Note: My apologies for the lack of indentation. Blame blogger and their screwy software.

Sandwiches Calories/Fat
Half Chicken Salad on Whole Grain 290/13
Half Mediterranean Veggie on Tomato Basil 310/7
Half Chicken Salad on Whole Grain 310/7
Half Turkey Artichoke on Focaccia 350/11
Half Chicken Caesar on Three Cheese 380/16

Salads Calories/Fat
Half Classic Cafe 90/5
Half Strawberry Poppyseed 90/1.5
w/ Chicken 150/2
Half Asian Sesame Chicken 210/10
Full Classic Cafe 170/11
Full Strawberry Poppyseed 190/2.5
w/ Chicken 300/3.5
Lg Fresh Fruit Cup 150/0
Sm Fresh Fruit Cup 70/0

Soups Calories/Fat
Low Fat Garden Vegetable 90/1
French Onion W/O Cheese & Croutons 90/3
W/ Cheese & Croutons 200/10
Low Fat Chicken Noodle 100/2
Low Fat Vegetarian Black Bean 150/1
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice 200/12

Drinks Calories/Fat
Regular Lemonade 90/0
Regular Iced Green Tea 100/0

Desserts Calories/Fat
Petite Nutty Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 80/3.5