Free Lunch: soup, salad, and sandwiches.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lunch today came from an unknown location. The selection consisted of garden salad, black bean chili, and assorted sandwiches. As with the last free lunch, I loaded up on salad with a bit of mystery dressing, a cup of soup and the healthiest sandwich I could find; turkey sage. I passed over the HUGE tray of cookies. Surprisingly I found the salad and soup alone to be quite filling and never even touched the sandwich, hurray!

My habits towards free lunches has changed with the LRP. The old me loved free lunch days (ok, I still do) treating the food offerings like a buffet. I would fill my plate up with whatever looked the best. If food was left over after everyone had eaten, I would go for seconds. Not so bad on salad days like today but you can see where I would get into trouble should there be Chinese or pizza and wings on the menu. Sometimes I do have a twinge of craving for the bad stuff, but a reminder that a lighter weigh day is the better option in the term helps to overcome that.

By the way, the was so much salad left over I took it home, where I'll have enough for meals for the next couple days. The cookies were long gone.