Weekend Hike: Royalton Ravine

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm starting to get back into the habit of weekend hiking. I prefer to go on Saturdays, but the rain yesterday postponed things. So today we drove out to Gasport, Ny to check out the Royalton Ravine. The trails there were nicely shaded and marked, and you pass some interesting landmarks, including a bouncy suspension bridge, a small waterfall, and the ruins of an old homestead which was the birthplace of Belva Lockwood (who?). Born in 1830, she was the first woman admitted to practice law before the supreme court, and the first woman to run for presidency. A slight downside to the trails is that they were often rutted and muddy, a result of overuse from mountain bikers and more so from ATVs. My shoes did look much worse before stepping into the stream to clean them up a bit.