Roadtripstravaganza, Part 2

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We set out bright and early....well, it was more like gray, drizzly and dotted with fog, but you get the idea. Our general plan was just to start driving and stop for breakfast at the first suitable place. I had Dunkin' Doughnuts in mind for coffee and a bagel, but I was open to anything that didn't have a golden arches or large hamburger in their sign. The small town quickly gave way to more mountain countrysides, and the hope of a healthy breakfast became doubtful. After a bit, we came on a country restaurant so we stopped for a late-ish breakfast. Inside, a dry erase board greeted us "Breakfast Buffet $4.99". At that point I sent my LRP off, letting it know I would be back to pick it up later, and settled in for some calorie laden and oh so good country cooking.

Picture taken with my cell phone.

The remainder of the day was spend snacking on wheat thins. On our way out of Pennsylvania, we stopped one more time for dinner at another country diner.

I have to say that it is somewhat fitting that my dining experience was enhanced by Jesus.

My last meal in Pennsylvania. My last meal off the LRP. I think had I been by myself I would have done a better job eating healthy, but then I wouldn't have had as much fun.