Roadtripstravaganza, Part 1

Sunday, July 6, 2008

After the original plan to go camping was nixed because every single freaking campsite from here to NYC was taken! plans were reformulated and a roadtrip through Pennsylvania was agreed on. Why Pennsylvania you ask? Because I have never been to Pennsylvania and the trip passed my meticulous and stringent criteria as shown by the flowchart:
Going on a roadtrip, or any extended activity that takes me away from my normal environment poses a challenge to the LRP. Packing food to bring, and planning ahead helps. I brought PBJ sandwiches, carrots, hummus, grapes, a banana, and a serving of tortilla chips to help. It was good, and I was confident that LRP would be with me this weekend. Then while I was enjoying the lush PA forests, this sign grabs my attention:

At that point I started spazzing like a crazy woman and demanding that Scott, my husband who I'm fairly certain is used to my random outbursts of OMGWTFBBQ, stop there so that I may partake of a milkshake. Steak 'n Shake, for those that aren't familiar, sell themselves on their steaks (or to put it better, their steakburgers) and their milkshakes. In my esteemed opinion, their burgers are gross and so is the rest of their food. But their milkshakes....OMGWTFBBQ, their milkshakes are out of this world. We're talking about a handmade shake, not a shake dispenser, using REAL ICE CREAM and REAL MILK. Topped with whipped cream and a cherry. From a fast food place! Seriously, where find that nowadays?!?! They don't exist in Buffalo, that's for sure. Two regular strawberry shakes later and we were back on the road.
Wow, that's 709 calories and 22g of fat right there! Good thing I only had one. In case you're wondering, the worst normal menu item shake is a large double chocolate fudge shake, that baby is going to set you back 1200 calories and 39g of fat. The plus side to drinking all that calorie-laden deliciousness was I felt full and not hungry for a looooong time. The next time we stopped to eat, it was dinner and we were at Lone Star Steakhouse. I want to say that anytime I take a trip to someplace new, I prefer to eat at local establishments to fully experience the new. This generally proves difficult though for a few reasons:

*The annoying proliferation of chain restaurants.
*The trend of suburban sprawl, leaving small downtown sectors desolate after the close of business.

That in combination with unfamiliarity of environment means that good local eatery is the needle in the haystack. Chains usually win, local business lose money on possible tourists. At Lone Star I had the garlic lover's medallions and shrimp, which is 8oz of steak and 5 grilled shrimp. I got that with a sweet potato and grilled veggies. I can't find the nutritional content, but I feel confident saying I blew the LRP limit for the day. I ended the day with a snack of grapes and turned in nestled in the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains.