Niagaraview, (Wo)man of steel.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I work in healthcare. As such, I am often the recipient of lunches provided by drug company representatives free of charge. I'm not going to debate the ethics or economic repercussions of such things, that isn't what this blog is about. I'm sharing this fact with you as part of what I deal with trying to lose weight.

With the exception of say pizza or chicken wings, I will generally always partake of a free drug lunch, because it's FREE and doesn't cost me anything, not to mention the selection is usually from a restaurant I don't patron. Without further delay, today's free lunch: Chinese.

As we know, Americanized Chinese isn't the healthiest, but I made an attempt here. I loaded the plate with white rice, which generally goes untouched by others. I picked out a serving a shrimp, taking care to not take excess sauce with it. The same for the broccoli and the beef. My vices where the pork fried rice, though I only took enough for two bites, and a couple pieces of sesame chicken. Not a great meal, but it could have been a lot worse. I know you're thinking "so you ate more white rice than usual, big deal. anyone could do that." Oh, but dear reader, that is only half the tale.

After lunch I was given, without any solicitation, a cookie. A homemade chocolate chip cookie that I have sampled in the past and know the deliciousness that it is made of. That cookie sat right next to my keyboard and waited for me to eat it tasty goodness. And you know I did next? I picked up that yummy, delicious chocolate chip cookie, and I THREW IT IN THE TRASHCAN.

Superman ain't got nothin on me.