I slack, therefore I am....doing nothing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

While recording my food intake this week, I noticed that my calorie consumption has been a little higher than normal (lay of the potato chips!!!). Additionally, I've become...ok, I've become lazy! I haven't been doing my exercises nor have I been doing my weekend activity excursion (which I blame more on life goings-on, but that's beside the point!). Clearly my diligence has not paid off in a permanent habit yet. I resolve to be diligent in my efforts. Those nifty measuring cups will be used more often for proper portioning rather than simply eyeballing. I will make a dedicated effort to be more active!

Coincedentally, I came across two website today to help me with that, and those that are little more than lumpy couch potatoes. 100 push ups is a six-week training program strength training program where yes, you will be doing 100 push ups at the end. What I like about this site is that it gives a starting level for anyone, even the flabby girly man like myself(wait, what?) that starts at the bottom of the barrel. It does seem a little fast moving though. Going by the chart, on day one I do two push ups, but on day two I do four. If I couldn't do four the first day, how am I supposed to do it on the second? Nonetheless, I will give the program a try, though I may loosely follow it.

The other site of interest is Couch to 5k, which gets you 5k ready in abour 9 weeks. This may seem a little daunting at first, 5 kilometers in just over two months? Are you crazy? Maybe, but hear me out. The program starts you off very gradually, with runs as short as a minute, even something I think I could do. You gradually then build up to the point where you *could* run a 5k in a respectable but slow time. At the end, the program is averaging a 12-minute mile, almost double what that standard is (a 7-ish minute mile).

Considering exercise in the long run gives you more energy, I'm interesting in trying there to get over the initial OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE phase. If anyone else decides to try one of these sites, drop me a line with how you're doing.

Oh, and the excess of exclamation points is my self-motiviation...yeah, that's the ticket.