Hump day drama

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If you haven’t read the news, today is Wednesday. Wednesday is special to me as it’s the day I weigh myself. This means protocols are followed: no indulgences no matter how small. I’m trying my best to ignore the plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies four feet from me. The frosted banana cake in the kitchen is a little easier to ignore; out of sight out of mind. Yes, I work in one of THOSE PLACES where treats and snacks are being brought in every other day. My other habit is to completely empty my bladder and bowel prior to the scale. I know that eating one cookie prior to weighing in isn’t going to make the scale jump 10 pounds; I just feel better optimizing my body. If I like what the scale says, a decent loss, then I might reward myself with a cookie.

But I haven’t weighed myself yet, that will come this afternoon. I’m always nervous prior to a weigh, I’m wondering if I’ve done well enough the past week. I’m ok if I haven’t lost any, and ecstatic if I lose. I have yet to show a gain, and hope I never do. The scale I use to weigh is one old school balance scales and it’s set to kilograms rather than pounds. It’s painstaking to use because 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds, and see my loss tick by at a measly 1kg or less per week. Anyway, cross your fingers for me and get these damn cookies out of my face.

UPDATE: I lost three more pounds this week! I'm going to reward myself with a cookie, just one though. Pre-LRP I would have eaten at least three.

UPDATE AGAIN: That plate of cookies sat there the rest of the freaking day and I didn't eat another. Ha!