The Lifestyle Readjustment Project, in detail

Friday, June 27, 2008

There are three stages to the LRP:

1. Immediately alter food and beverage consumption to fit within LRP parameters. Results of this are seen and felt immediately mostly in what I am putting into my body. What a coincidence!
1a. Increase physical activity from being a sedentary bump on a log.

2. Continued adherence to step 1 will result in a gradual weight loss of approximately 130 pounds after 1 year-ish.

3. Beyond a year, continuing to follow the LRP will result in an overall fitter and healthier self. Neato!

LRP parameters:

Daily intake
Calories: 1200-1550
Fat: 32-56
Carbs: 163-236
Protein: 60-127

Some form of daily activity for at least 30 minutes, generally alternating cardio with strength.

The tools I'm using in the LRP
* This blog of course, where I will share my thoughts and progress.
* I use this to track my daily consumption and activities, as well as how much weight I've lost over time.